We are a group of friends, families and acquaintances that love the
outdoors, camping and driving off road trails. Everyone is welcome in
our club, even if you do not have a Jeep. There are no dues and no
formal meetings, except on the weekend on the trail.
The name Slow Lizard came to us on one of our trail rides a couple of
years ago when Jonathan, that's George and Julies youngest boy was
playing with some rocks and a small creature along the edge of the trail
during a trail break and said dad, LOOK, A SLOW LIZARD, George says
Jonathan, that's not a lizard, well it turns out that Slow Lizard was a
Scorpion. We still laugh and kid Jonathan about it but we like the name
so everything is good.  
If your interested in hitting the trail with us or you are doing a run and
want some company, watch our calendar or contact us at
jt@slowlizard.com and get your name on our e-mailing list and come
join us because you know,
Every Day Jeeping Adds A Day To Your Life, So Jeep A lot And Live
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